Sophia: Purebred Nubian Doe

Ain-Ash-Shams Sophia

ADGA Genetics link here


Fall 2010 Purebred Doe



Sophia’s 1/2 sister, SGCH Saada

Baby Blue Merle*M is shown here:

Dry for 2016

Sophie has the most beautiful Nubian head. Her ears are long and lovely in shape. Her nose is high and she gives this wonderful head to her kids. She scored V across most areas during LA. She received a + in udder primarily because, while she has a lovely udder, she is a lower producers and begins to go somewhat stale quickly. Her rear udder is wide and high with perfect teat placement. She tops out at 8 lbs of milk but declines in production quicker than our other does. Sophie was not disbudded when a kid due unforseen health issues in her breeder’s family that did not allow it to be done in a timely manner



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