Sales on Lucas Farm

Please read over our terms of sale here.  Email me to place a deposit or with questions.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Deposits are forfeited if animals /  items are not picked up in a very timely manner or the date agreed upon
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Horse adoptions


Junior Purebred Does

Reservations accepted on their 2018 kids

Kids are $350


Ain Ash Shams Sophia:

By *B Saada Jazz King

out of SG Saada Absolute Odetta

Reservations accepted on 2018 kids

Kids are $400


ADGA Nubian Doe /  91VEEE

Reservations accepted on 2018 kids

All kids reserved


British Guernsey Kids

Kids for 2018

 $300 and up


Sannen Doe

“Upa Hollow Biannca”  / 90VEEE

Reservations accepted on 2018 kids

Kids are $500


Silver Laced Wyandottes

Foley line purchased directly from the breeder as adult stock


$15 chicks

$70 a dozen hatching eggs, local pick up


Mostly Foley line – Exhibition quality


Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Chicks $15 ea, order of six or more

$70 a dozen hatching eggs, local pick up


Registered Miniature Jersey Cattle

The perfect “Mid Mini” size

Calves sometimes offer, inquire


Lavendar Orpingtons

$10 per chick



Our family company:  Heating and Cooling and Refrigeration, as well as Electrical service and installations

Huntington Mechanical

Huntington, WV



  1. I’m interested in a miniature Jersey and Clammy looks perfect. Is she still available and what does she cost? If she’s not, do you have others? Thnx.


  2. I would be willing to trade my herd of 10 purebred ADGA registered Nubians to switch to mini jersey cows for milk. I love my goats but the idea of cows is more precious to me than anything.


  3. Can you give me more info on your chickens? I’m VERY interested to know if you have pullets for a good price.


  4. Do you ship with health certificates goat kids after weaning? I’m in NW Tennessee area and very interested in your British Guernsey Kids. Preferably a doeling to introduce to my dairy herd.


  5. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at your site for a while and the more I look the more I like. I’m looking for a nice moon spotted ADGA reg. Buckling with good conformation (which your goats have) I love my Nubians and I just want a small moon spotted herd I can milk. My mom on the other hand may be contacting you as she actually pointed me in your direction as she is looking to get a Sanaan.

    Looking at all you JR. does, Abraham is the sire on all of them. Is it possible to put a deposit down on a 1st pick buckling from one of the JR. does? I’m looking for black or bay. But as long as looks lol their grand sire Abraham I would be elated.

    Now looking on your sales list, kids are $350-if that is for a buck or doe, do you offer discounts for multiple purchases?

    Either way, since JR. doe kids are $350 I will will be mailing you a deposit for a buckling on Aug. 9th when I get paid and I get the conformation from you to go ahead.

    Thanks and I look forward to meeting you.


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