DAVE (AZBILL’S RF PRAIRIE TIME ): Purebred Nubian Buck

dave1Dave, as we call him , brings ALL the milk to the herd.

By *b Goddard Farm Prairie Thunder. This buck kid is bred for high milk production, as his sire’s dam, Goddard Farm Misty 4*M, has been an ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader & in 2012, she was the number 1 Production Nubian in the USA.

Misty’s Dam & grand dam are also Top Ten.

Thunder’s grand dam on his sire’s side was number one ADGA Top Ten in 2013.

Dave’s sire

(See Thunder’s dam, Misty, here)

Dave shows correct back, hip, with a deep wide chest. His dam had a correct high tight udder with exceptional back



  1. Hello. I purchased Nubian buck kid 8/26/2018 and was told your herd was CAE free. He is currently on his knees. He will be going to going to a stock yard where he will be destroyed. I am heartbroken about this. I’m sorry I will not be able to put a positive review about your herd.


    • I hate to hear a kid of ours contracted CAE after a sale. All of our herd has always tested negative for CAE, and all the buyers across the country have reported continued neg results for over a decade; however, we no longer raise dairy goats. The retired animals in the herd continue to be CAE free. Unfortunately, exposure and transmission is not always well understood, but if you have a buck from our herd that is now positive, he would have picked it up after leaving our farm well over 2 years ago.


    • That’s typical. Blame it on someone you sold him to even when it can show up at any age. He also has a knee that it twisted, suppose he got that here as well.


      • It is typical to blame the party who is responsible, which is what I am doing here. Since we’ve never had a kid or adult bred here positive for CAE based on testing and many, many dozens of sales nationwide, and considering you’re saying you purchased a kid from us over two years ago and just now now tested the animal and noticed a knee issue, anyone reading this can see the error would not be on us – the blame would not be, either. We’ve always let buyers know they are free to test before purchase, to be extra certain of status, if they requested.

        Additionally, if he had a conformation issue with a knee, you would have been able to see that at purchase and have opted to decline to purchase him or have let us know upon delivery, which you did not do (I don’t even recognize this name you’re using as a buyer, so you could also be making this sale up to just troll online).

        Also, CAE does not show up at any age unless the animal had CAE at birth or contracted it after purchase. The symptoms can show up at various ages, but the disease is present from the time of infection. We have no way to know what animals you’ve had during the 2+ years you had the buck, but what we do know is you’ve not test your herd in that time, based on inference from your messages, and so you have no way to know what your animals carried during that time and passed on.


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